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Whether you're a big or rue the fact that you missed out on No Time to Die, here's the deal for you. Right now, various retailers have the 4K version of the movie available to own, but if you're an Amazon Prime member, No Time to Die is on sale for just $10, which is much less than a trip to the movies usually costs. The best part is that at this price you own the movie, meaning you can watch it on your TV, iPad, phone or any other device you want anytime. It's not a limited-time rental, though you could rent it at Amazon for $6 if you prefer.

Daniel Craig is the longest-serving 007, and this movie is his farewell. He played the superspy for 15 years across five films since 2006's Casino Royale back. No Time to Die is full of thrills, drama, suspense and so much more. It doesn't matter if you've seen all of the Bond movies or some of them -- you won't want to miss out on this one.

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