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what does thai food taste like?

There is a world of cuisine out there, waiting for exploration. The Thai cuisine offers new flavors and aromas from Thailand and other Asian countries that are worth trying. And while you're at it, add some to your repertoire too. There's also a lot of variations, so what Thai food tastes like will depend on the dish that you order. But here are some of the things that you can expect to find.
The flavors are very complex because of the blend of sweet and sour tastes in most, if not all Thai dishes. The food is flavored with garlic, onion, ginger and lemongrass. Other subtle flavors will also come thru depending on the dish that you order.
The Thai cuisine offers a very wide array of rice and noodles, which is a perfect base for most dishes. Stir fried items are common here – Pad Thai is popular with spaghetti like noodle mixed with meat or shrimp and egg mix served mixed with crushed peanuts on top. If you're up to a good challenge, try one of the many curries that are popular. Try chicken and mushroom, served with rice. There are many more Thai cuisine dishes to try out there, depending on your taste. some dishes will have ingredients from Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian cuisines too.
What does the Thai food taste like?
If you're a vegetarian, find out about different Thai vegetarian recipes for those fast meals on road trips or just when you have time for something new and healthy. The Thai cuisine is famous for its fire. Try the Thai fried rice, which has pineapple and banana added to normal fried rice, if you like too much sweetness.
So, what does the thai food taste like? The answer depends on the restaurant that you choose because there are plenty of them around. But, one thing is sure – it's delicious! Your palate will be appeased by a whole new world of tastes and aromas. It's all very exotic in a way that most Asians call it "delicious food that can't be beat".
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