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what does punta mean in polish?

I'm not sure what you mean by "punta" in Polish.
The word "punta" (in Polish or English) means: nothing. I have no idea what you're trying to find out. Puntas are also generic name for boats of the type punta palanca, and can also refer to non-fixed breakwaters to protect small land areas from the sea (not 'sandy beaches', that is a different meaning). 
Please don't tell me it is about some English word for pointe shoes... :) 
Please do not ask this question again if you do not know what 'puntamos' means in Spanish, since I cannot answer this question. 
Consider this an answer to your question. I hope so.
I don't know what you are asking, no need to keep asking that. 
What was the first question? 
Hi! This is a translation of a page about the meaning of punta, for those who do not speak Spanish and are interested in this question: https://wiki.lanzadigital.com/Blog/2011/05/09/palabras-de-la-griega-parte-1/ (Link defunct) 
Thanks for info, searched Spanish speaking wiki too but found nothing. So maybe my answer will help somebody..
No idea about Spanish, but there was a family in my country that were nicknamed as "Punta" not sure if you can see it in English.
Can I ask what is "puntamos"? 
I just wanted to know if it was an Italian fishing boat or a particular model of a boat. 
The word punta (punt) is also the name of some pretty colorful species of tropical blooms known as Saguaro cactus that grow wild in Arizona and other desert areas. If this word has any relation to the cactus, I'm not sure. 
Thank you for your question and any help you may provide us with regards to this question.
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