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what does fig taste like?

Fig is one of the most distinctive flavor profiles found in nature. Though figs cannot be grown in northern climates, they can be imported from tropical areas like Mexico, Spain and Greece.
While there are many varieties of figs that come in a range of sizes and flavors, the most common type is Black Mission Figs which have a delicate sweetness with slight peppery notes. Expect to find subtle hints of buttery almond or spicy clove when biting into this rich fruit. In a word: delicious!
In order to get the full experience, it's best to purchase whole figs rather than enjoy them cut up because their flavor isn't as strong when sliced open.
You can find figs at most grocery stores across the country including farmers markets.
So the next time you see a full bag of organic, dried figs―don't be surprised if someone offers you one!
Tony Taccone, Food & Beverage Director and Joel Herman, Vice President & General Manager at Red Rock Resort are seen here enjoying a delicious breakfast of Fig Dipped Goat Cheese.
For more information about Red Rock Resort's menu please visit their website at http://www.redrockresort.com/ . And for more information about figs please visit http://www.figfriencedining.com/ . Also follow us on Twitter @RedRockMarketing .
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Hello, I'm in search of a good fig recipe. What is the best way to make them? Reply Delete
A few years ago, I moved to a new apartment where all the neighbors had fig trees in their front yards. I've made Fig Jam and Fig Wine from them. Best of all, my wife loves 'em! Reply Delete
I've had excellent success with making fig jam, pouring into sterilised jars and covering with lids for storage. For example - http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Fig-Jam-in-Sterilised-Jars-Storing#1 .
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