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what does qwq mean?


Question: What does QwQ mean?

A question mark is the most frequent symbol in the English language. It indicates a questioning tone. So, if you ask a question, you use a question mark (i.e., "What are you doing?"). The abbreviation qq refers to that sound. For example: "Pardon me?" would be translated as ¿Perdón? and "Read these instructions" would be translated as Lee estas instrucciones.

QQ is an initialism for Quick Questions. QQ is a common chat room acronym. In the chat community, especially in those that are used for chatting about anime, fanspeak, and whatever else the fans do when they hang out in chat rooms, it's common to abbreviate so much that it frustrates non-fans.

In order to solve this problem, they coined the term "QwQ" so they wouldn't have to type as much everytime they wrote something worth saying again. Since then it became a popular expression in use by many Internet users, who usually abbreviate everything because it's faster to type and faster to read (that is if you know what they're talking about).

In the fandom, it's used as a sign of agreement or a statement of common interest. (e.g., "Did you read QwQ?")

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