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what does pink and green make?


The six colors of the spectrum.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Pink is a mix of red and green. 

Blue is a mix of violet and green. 

Pink is a mixture between red and blue. Green is a mixture between orange and blue. 

Orange is a mixture between yellow and red from this point on it just gets confusing: what does purple make? Does it make orange? What about teal? Or turquoise for that matter?"

Green will be mixed with natural elements such as grasses or plants to create the color called "violet". Violet is a very rare color and can only be produced by combining blue and red light.

In the RGB color space, green has the shortest wavelength in the visible spectrum with a characteristic of roughly 595 nm (nanometers), while violet has the longest wavelength at roughly 380 nm (nanometers). Blue is approximately equal to green plus or minus 0.3, which means that pure blue light has 500–550 nm of wavelength. Yellow is approximately equal to orange plus or minus 0.2, which means that pure yellow light has 550–590 nm of wavelength.

Color wheel. Red and green are seen as complementary colors by the human eye, which is why we see them on opposite sides of the color wheel. Yellow is a mixture of red and green, so it sits between them on the color wheel. Notice that yellow (the center of the circle) sits next to blue, which sits next to red in the same way that "orange" sits next to "red."

The relationship between color and perception is complex, but general rules have been proposed about these relationships. These rules are based on experiments and observations about humans viewing colored lights, but many scientists question their validity at best or even whether they fully explain perceptions of color.

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