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what does ovo mean?


What does ovo mean?

Ovo is the term for egg cells, which contain an unfertilized egg and a fully developed blastocyst. It's also used as a slang term for an ovulating woman. "Egg" is an archaic word that once referred to both the unfertilized and fertilized eggs, and it can still be used to describe the life cycle of bees or other insects. The verb meaning "to have sex with someone", popularized by the Elizabethan era playwright William Shakespeare in sonnet 135, uses this spelling: "Let not thy Juggleness mock thee on thy wedding-night" (Sonnet 135). You can also see ovo used in the names of companies such as Ovo, a mail order company that sells farm equipment and is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

What does "ova" mean? [link]

Since this is the word with which we refer to the egg cells (the fully developed blastocyst), it's clear that "ovum" was once considered a proper noun in English. However, since it's usually no longer capitalized, it's become a common noun. Outside of biology, "ovo" has become an industry term for inexpensive software packages that lack originality but have been copied from more popular products. A "ovo" is also a humorous, advertising term for an inexpensive knock-off.


Thank you to Vanessa White, of Marfan's Disease Foundation, for suggesting the topic.

Bee pollen [link]

You can buy bee pollen in health food stores or buy it online at [link]. It is a combination of honey and pollen. You eat this straight up or mix it with water and drink it. Bee pollen is said to have many health benefits such as helping with allergies and fighting infection, but this information came from studies done on bees themselves and cannot be extended to people eating bee pollen.

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