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what does out indefinitely mean?


We tend to use the phrase "indefinitely" when we don't want to commit. Or better yet, when we don't want to make a decision. An easy way to tell if something is temporarily or permanently is whether the word "temporarily" (or its synonyms) is part of the question. Indefinitely can also mean "in a long time." I am not sure how long because it's confusing and vague.

Where does this word come from? In Latin, "indefinitus" means indefinite or unmeasurable. Definite means clear and definite so indeterminate means unclear or indefinite as well as not measurable in space and time. Indefinite and undefined are synonyms.

Not being clear is, at times, a good thing. It helps us to learn and to make fewer mistakes than if we were too definite. It's fine to use the word "indefinitely" when you mean that you cannot be certain of the time something will last without more information. Saying that something will be done within six months means something can only be done in three months if those conditions continue to exist. Saying it will be done indefinitely or over a long period of time means there is no limit or end-point in sight, but nothing prevents this from happening in three months either.

Instructions: To earn an 1170 on the SAT Subject test, you must answer both questions with "indefinitely" (NO 'FOR' or 'ON' or 'CLEARLY') and score at least 1170 on the reading section.

Answer all questions with "indefinitely," even when they are clearly labeled.

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