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what does orig mean?


Orig is short for origination, which is a term that describes the starting point of something. Orig also means to bring something into existence or produce it. It can be spelled with an o-r-i-g-, o, or o-r-. Owing to its diminutive nature, the prefix "ori-" was added to some words in English. Examples include "conflict" (from Latin contra), "grease" (from Old English grees), and "neighbor" (from Middle Dutch nēder). An alternative of spelling orig without e is OCD from acronym OCD, which stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. Orig was also added to some other words to form verbs. Examples include "broker" (from Old French broccier), "convict" (from Latin convictus), and "substitute" (from Latin substituere).

As the term origin, orig is used in biological and scientific fields to indicate the point where something began its life. The origin of a species is the single place where it first appeared, not where it evolved into its present state. For example, humans originated in Africa but did not evolve there; as a species, we originated on Earth and are not from any specific planet or solar system.

In mathematics, the origin is where all the coordinate axes intersect. In a Cartesian coordinate system it is at 0,0. The origin also refers to the starting point for measurement in space and time. For example, we measure your height from the floor to be approximately 6'5". In addition, some cultures use a separate measuring system for measuring height and weight. While these units of measurement may have different names, they form a standard reference point from which you may compare yourself against others.

The origin of an earthquake is the center point along its fault plane where it starts to rupture and create seismic waves. In addition to earthquakes and volcanic activity, other sources of seismic waves could be mining or construction activity.

The origin of something can also mean the earliest or first instance of it. For example, the movie makers could use orig to describe "the original Jurassic Park" so that people remember there was a sequel and it was based on previously published material.

The word originated from Latin ōriginālis, which means, "nativity." The noun is ōriginālis in Latin and origin in English. It is the source for the term origination. In addition to originating something else, that which has its own origin is said to have an origin itself. The first feature film can be described as an origin because it began what has become a prospering industry and many franchises.

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