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what does omp stand for?


Omp stands for "one man parade" and is a military formation consisting of an individual or unit moving along the perimeter on a predetermined route. Essentially it means that someone is alone and doing something.

If you're short on time, omp also may be used to describe a person with one goal who has no plans to stop until they achieve it. 

As far as this acronym goes, however, omp actually stands for "Organization Maintenance Procedure." Omp was the name of a program which was developed by the U.S. Army in 1963 that provided repair parts and labor to units overseas who were maintaining their equipment on their own. This was a major improvement over the previous system, which required units with maintenance issues to return to the U.S. for repair and then to return to their overseas assignment. Omp also was unique at that time in that it didn't require any monetary support from the concerned unit, meaning that funds could be used for other purposes.

Since then it has become a trademarked name, and is owned by Johnson Controls Inc., one of the largest providers of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Until recently, it also was a free online search engine which indexed websites and provided results based on relevance. In February 2009, Google announced they planned to acquire omp Technology Corp. and relaunch the website as Google Sets.

Google Sets was a search engine that allowed a user to compare sets of items and rank which results were most relevant. The service was designed in a manner similar to Google's other tools for comparison shopping (Google Product Search and Google Base), but it only focused on ranking sets of items with four or more options. The service never went beyond the beta testing phase, however, as it was discontinued in May 2010.

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