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what does no engine brake mean?


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There are many variations of this acronym. For example, "NO" may also be used to stand for "None". No engine brake is a legal concept that allows aircraft to continue flight when they do not have sufficient power on one of their engines. The aircraft would still be able to maneuver and could land safely without having to perform an emergency landing.

This can be noted by the phrase "No Engine Brake" found on some aviation warning placards. The warning is designed to let flight crews know that the aircraft may have difficulty decelerating fully and quickly on the runway.

If one engine of an aircraft has failed, it does not necessarily mean that it will be necessary for the cockpit to declare NO ENGINE BRAKE. This depends on several factors, including what the aircraft is carrying (pilots must take into account FAR's maximum gross landing weight). Additionally, other factors include whether or not a pilot will be able to land on a runway which has adequate length and surface conditions.

One engine flying typically becomes necessary in two situations: when an aircraft is flying over water or when an aircraft has lost power over land.

If an aircraft is flying over water and the passengers are aware of this and decide to evacuate the aircraft, they will run out of the plane, leaving their seat belts fastened. Due to aerodynamic forces, they may not be able to open their doors. In cases where this happens (and there is a fire), they may not be able to get out because they can't get out quickly enough by using their own strength. If a passenger cannot get out, then the flight crew should immediately declare NO ENGINE BRAKE so that it doesn't crash into the water with everyone still in it.

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