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what does naruto mean in japanese?


Naruto means "pertaining to threads", or "winding" in Japanese.

The word is derived from the verb narasu, which means “to braid, entwine” or “to tie together”. It is also possible that the word is influenced by the Portuguese word "nariz", meaning nose, though this sense of the word isn't dominant in Portugal and it's unclear as to how it came into use in Japan.

In terms of context, Naruto refers to a certain geographical location near Meguro Station in Tokyo's Adachi Ward. A major street running through this area has been officially renamed as Naruto Street since 1981.

The main story takes place on this street.

It's most likely that the word naruto wasn't used in those days, and was only invented later on by fans.


the second question:

what does naruto mean in korean?

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