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what does thumbs up mean in chinese?

What does "thumbs up" mean in Chinese? It's the equivalent of an approving nod, but how does it work? Find out more about this meaningful yet confusing gesture with this guide that'll teach you what it symbolizes and how to use it effectively.
Thumbs up is a gesture in China that means approval or assent. Its meaning varies widely depending on context, mannerism, and cultural nuances. In many countries and cultures, only one hand is used for thumbs-up signaling. But in China, both hands are typically used: one to put the thumbs into a cupped position while using the other hand to extends them outward towards whoever they're addressed too.
It is said to have originally come from the ancient Roman Empire, where it was used as a sign of power and triumph. By the Middle Ages, Europeans were offering a thumbs up gesture to signal approval, which over time became associated with good luck. Then, in the 17th century, it became an official symbol of non-verbal communication: upon selling a painting or other product, artists would give their customer a thumbs up as a gesture of satisfaction.
The use of "thumbs up" in China is very similar to its usage in most other countries and regions. It can be used by itself to express agreement, or it can be used alongside other expressions and gestures to convey the same meaning. Here are some of the most common Chinese expressions and gestures you can use along with your thumbs up signal:
1. Thumbs up for affirmations (肯定)
To express affirmation, typically in writing, use your thumbs together and make a circle around them as if you were about to give yourself an invisible hug. When making this gesture, one's whole body should mimic the action at once. In other words, be sure to move your arms and hands together and simultaneously touch your forefingers together.
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