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The world of comic books is home to some of the most iconic superheroes. From the DC Universe’s Batman and Wonder Woman to Marvel’s Hulk and Spider-Man, heroes like these are all over mainstream media. However, much less common are heroes who come from other sources than comics or American TV shows or movies.
One such hero is Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja who literally leaps around fighting monsters and evil ninjas in Japan as well as in his own manga series! If you want to know more about this interesting fellow, read on for our thoughts on what makes a hero Naruto!
##6. Ha!
This is not at all a fighting stance. It’s Naruto looking like he’s trying to break his neck.
In this picture, Naruto is hanging upside down on a tree branch while the line of text below him describes the situation as “full of danger”. How? The tree branches are pointing up, and the text indicates he could fall! I think you know where I stand on jumping off trees already!
Naruto as a frog with his hands and feet bound by ropes. This scene occurs when he is under arrest.
Naruto’s keen sense of smell helps him while on duty, especially when he’s dealing with other ninja.
Here we see Naruto sticking his nose into the ground with his gaze transfixed on it like a bug zapper. He’s smelling for booby-traps or other traps that could mean danger for him and his team of ninja. Kudos to him for being able to sniff down my traps though!
Naruto staring at the leader of a small band of bandits with an eye roll. He’s likely thinking “I bet you thought you were bad when you started out. Now all of a sudden I’ve got you in my clutches without even trying. How embarrassing!”
Naruto with his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide while he gulps down a bowl of ramen that just went cold. He looks like he just realized how hungry he was.
During battles, Naruto often chooses to employ a fighting style called Bijuu based on the Japanese word meaning nine-tails.
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