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what does suki mean in japanese?


Suki means "happiness" in Japanese. 

Suki is a term that is often used to end the sentence, "I'm so happy." which signifies the joy or happiness of speaking or thinking about something.

The term has been translated as "happy" in many languages including English and French.

Suki can also refer to happiness with someone else, for instance when you think of them happily or miss them.

 Cultural notes:Suki was not previously well-known outside of Japan but it has become increasingly popular outside Japan due to its use on social media and its meaning as one of several ways that Japanese people express their emotions on Twitter's emoji keyboard.

In Japan, there is a popular manga series titled "Boku wa suki x S", which uses the word in its title, and a music video for the song: "Suki da yo" by Supercell.

An example of usage of the term is "Suki-sama/Suki-chan" which means as much as : I love you; I like you; I appreciate you; or even just loved one. The word is usually said with an affectionate expression on one's face. 

This use of Suki is not limited only to romantic relationships, family members are also included in this term.

The term Suki is often used in a romantic context but is not limited to that.

Sukidesu means "do you like it/do you want it" as well, but also it can be used when you want to show you are interested in something / someone e.g. a TV drama / sport game or whatever else.

It has a similar usage as Suki, but different intonation pattern. It is sometimes translated as "do you like that?".

Unlike the word Suki, Sukidesu is not limited to social context.

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