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what does driven nan miles mean?


In the last decade, driverless cars have gone from science fiction to the cusp of reality. But in order to get there, developers need to solve a number of difficult problems. And one of these is what it means for a car to be “driven” or “driven miles".

This post will tell you exactly what this means and how driverless cars are addressing the question!

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What is driving miles?

Driving miles is a count of the distance a car drives over some fixed number of hours, days or kilometers. If you drive 100km in a day, that's the equivalent to 1 mile travelling that distance for each hour. But what if you want to count your total driving distance during a year's driving? In that case it would be per 100km travelled during this period (100km/100km*24/365*1000) which is 2.5miles per day or 2.5 miles per week (2.5miles * 7 * 52).

What is Driven miles?

Driven miles is when a car drives itself. So if you want to count how many driven miles your car has, then you would count the distance driven by the autopilot of the car. In the example above it would be 100km/100km*24/365*1000 which is 2.5miles/day or 2miles/week (2.5miles / 7 * 52).

What does autonomous mean?

An autonomous vehicle or AV, also known as a driverless vehicle, is a vehicle that can navigate without human input. Autonomous vehicles use various technologies to detect their surroundings, such as radar, lidar and computer vision.

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