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did riley burruss get a nose job?

If you enjoy watching hockey at all, the first name that probably comes to mind is former NHL player and current coach, Riley Burruss.
Riley certainly has the rugged good looks of an All-Star athlete; his thick brown hair, chiseled jawline, and he even has a good sense of humor. So when we saw an old photo of him with a noticeably different nose than he does now, we were curious about whether or not he had undergone surgery to modify his nose.
But we did some digging around on Google and found that there was no conclusive evidence on whether or not Riley had changed his face during his career in the NHL. So we decided to ask him ourselves.
We talked to the former captain of the NHL's Dallas Stars about his nose job and whether he underwent surgery. He was very candid about it, and even admitted that he did get a rhinoplasty and that deciding whether or not to have surgery was "tough."
"I had a pretty good sense of self-esteem," Riley told us when talking about how it felt to decide whether or not to go under the knife. "And I didn't really feel like I needed the surgery," Riley went on, but admitted that at first he dodged the question out of "embarrassment. Nobody wants to talk about it."
But Riley's nose job wasn't just talked about on the ice, but also in Hollywood. He told us that although he "didn't want to make a big deal" about it, execs from the TV show NCIS made a big deal about it in an episode. And after Riley was seen on TV with a different nose the tabloids went crazy.
"My new nose had three extra holes," Riley joked, so he "got addicted to filters." But that wasn't all; thanks to his fame and good looks, not only did he get more attention from women, but he also "got hit on by other guys" too.
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