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This is a tutorial on how to make a tattoo gun with a electric toothbrush.

What you need: 


-electric toothbrush 

-screw driver (a really small one) 

-wire strippers or scissors.

What you do: 1. Take the head off the electric toothbrush and unscrew the end of it where you put your toothpaste in. You will want to take out the screw inside of it as well, then peel back all layers until you reach silver metal on both sides.

2. Once you have the silver metal on both sides, find a small screwdriver and stick it down into the silver metal. You will see indents where you can put your screwdriver. Make sure you don't move it too deep or go too fast, because you could break your electric toothbrush.

3. Take your pliers and hold down the silver metal so that you can start wrapping the wire around it, (like a typical gun). Wrap all of one side, then go back to the beginning and wrap along that other side so two are covered in wire(make sure they're both even at this point).

4. Take your pliers and wrap around both sides of your wire, making it smaller and smaller as you go. Make sure both sides are even. After you have finished wrapping it make sure it doesn't look good and bend it back out.

5. Now take a small screwdriver and stick it into the space where the screw used to be on the toothbrush head side. Then twist around to where you had the screwdriver in the beginning, with a part sticking out of one side (the end of your gun) and give it a twist to lock onto your wire.

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